Poem for April 19, 2015

4-19 CollageApril 19, 2015
Sunday evening – Home

Attended the bridal shower of a former student who works as a research assistant. It was quite nice. The decorations were white, lavender and silver, with orchids, which is her wedding flower. Sat with work friends and colleagues. As would be expected the conversation at our table pertained to engagement stories, wedding traditions and the state of our relationships. One friend, who had been talking about getting engaged recently, told us that she and her boyfriend had just broken up this morning. Love & Marriage – such archetypal patterns! or Love & Loss – better.

Selected words:

4-19 PoemWhat is a gift?
Frequently a tradition,
such as Orchids on
Mother’s Day.
Alternately, it is a letting go,
allowing something to happen,
to grow or mature.
Eternally harder to give
But often more splendid.

This poem was the most difficult so far. I thought the chosen words would fit together nicely, especially since they really related to today’s events! (choosing the word Orchids-how cool is that?) But eternally, alternately and frequently were tough to string together.


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