Poem for April 15, 2015

4-15 collageApril 15, 2015
Wednesday evening – Home
Sunny 70ºs windy

The first square I picked tonight had the word scarlet on it. Made me think of a conversation I had with a woman during the conference. I shared that I rarely choose the color red for anything – clothing, cosmetics, decorating or in art making. I prefer the cooler colors of water – blues and greens; and of the earth – browns and earthy greens. I tend to stay away from the fire element. I reflected that maybe I should start seeking out the color red. And here it has appeared!

Selected words:

4-15 poemScarlet

Creativity is
described as
being open to
what is possible.
What if I liked
the color scarlet?
Can’t put my finger on why
I don’t
but maybe,
deep down,
an interest is there.

It has been hectic since I’ve gotten back from the conference. Here is the poem and journal page for today. I will get the others from the past week posted in the next few days.


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  1. I love what you are doing in this journal — it seems as if it is fun also!


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