Poem for April 5, 2015

4-5 collageApril 5, 2015
Easter Sunday – Mom & Dad’s
early church service followed by breakfast, then bible class.
We cooked leg of lamb, asparagus, creamy mashed potatoes, salad and fruit salad. Poska, nut rolls and rugula. Went for a walk and sat and talked all day. Early to bed.

Selected words:

4-5 poemThe Gardener
An Easter Poem

You, mistaken for the gardener,
have opened a window, and allowed the sunshine to flood in
Providing the strength needed
to live in eternal loving
if even for a moment at a time.

May I faithfully seek
you in your garden
and in all the fine ways you daily
make yourself known.

Last night I glued the squares, selected the words, entered the day’s activities and began coloring in areas while thinking of a poem. I was too tired and couldn’t concentrate so watched a small bit of the tv show Dad had on before going to bed. It was a movie about Jesus and the part I saw was when they were laying him in the tomb. This must have stayed with me through the night. This morning, while waiting for my turn to use the shower, I came back to the journal and the poem easily formed from the selected words.


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Lily Roberts is the fictional author of the fake journal found on this blog.
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