My Poetry Journal

I like poetry and want to write more of it, but need an easy way to do so. Just having a topic or a form isn’t enough.  I’m going to do something like what you see sometimes in altered books where they highlight certain words and darken out the rest. I will select some words and use them to write a poem.

Last weekend I took the train downtown to the Strand bookstore and bought some inexpensive books on topics that are interesting to me. Then I went to a thrift shop a few blocks away and found these two vintage children’s books. Also very inexpensive.

Selected books Vintage Childrens booksFrom these books I tore out several pages. Then I cut them into small squares, all the same size and placed them in envelopes grouped by their book.

cut squaresMy plan for the month is to draw one square from each envelope, glue them into the journal, select a word from each square, then come up with a poem using those words.


About Lily Roberts

Lily Roberts is the fictional author of the fake journal found on this blog.
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