Day 26

Day 26What a visual treat today was! Met Jane early in Grand Central. We took the train to Brooklyn. We stopped into The Bagelsmith for an early lunch (scrumptious!) before heading to the Sketchbook Project Library. Spent almost four hours at the library! So many fantastic journals. We couldn’t stop looking. We jotted down the websites of those who listed them.  Someone was talking about an ice cream shop (Oddfellows) they love. They gave us the address. We went there when we were done. Yummy!

From there we went over to the Williamsburg Market which is a combination art show/flea market. Really cool. We each found lots of cool vintage treasures. I also bought some handmade paper from a vendor. It is gorgeous!

On the train heading to Brooklyn we shared our journals. On the way home we were overflowing with new ideas and themes for future journals and projects.

Jane said she would come up to the cottage one weekend this summer.

Page spread of Days 25 and 26

Page spread of Days 25 and 26


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