Day Twenty Five

Day 25Circles are making themselves apparent as one of my personal icons. True, the pages contain markings from previous projects – but those incorporated the circle. The subway token, medallion, even the hollow circular portions of the skeleton key found their way to these pages. No preplanned design was created for this journal, yet it is becoming quite cohesive.

I don’t have many more of these “prepared” pages – maybe enough to put together one more journal. I do like working in this more intuitive manner. I see that even before my visit with the peacocks (Day 12), the colors of their feathers were on these pages.

In the circles:

Cyclical   Seasons  Phases of the Moon

Eternal   No beginning   No end   Love   God   Time

Recycle   Reuse   Reinvent   Rediscover   Remake   Renew

Growth Death Decay Birth  The Life Cycle





About Lily Roberts

Lily Roberts is the fictional author of the fake journal found on this blog.
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