Day Twenty-One

Pages 21&22Mom was hoping that the annual Macy’s Flower Show would still be running while they were here. It ended earlier in the month. She decided to take a trip downtown to visit the store anyway. Dad didn’t want to shop so decided to sit in on my lectures. We had lunch together on campus.

For dinner we ate the last of the left overs. Talked about memories, how family stories are passed down and the questions we never thought to ask our relatives when they were alive, and are somehow so important to us now.

History = stories and mystery!

from my collection of keys which began with a keyring full from Grandpa Roberts when I was 12.

Mom and Dad left early this morning. (Oops! This should have been written on Page 22. I added it later on, as a means of explanation, which I ought not have done.  I know when they left. I slipped into writing for my reader’s understanding, which is a no-no in this “no explanations” fake journal.)


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Lily Roberts is the fictional author of the fake journal found on this blog.
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