Day Twenty

Pages 19&20-001It wouldn’t be Easter without the Araucana eggs. So loved those chickens. Mom was pleased to see how well these blown out shells are lasting.

RENEWAL – the Easter Message

Wonderful day with Mom and Dad. The Easter service was magnificent as always and the day was equally as glorious. We thoroughly enjoyed our store bought Easter dinner along with a wonderful Chardonnay from Warwick Vineyards which Mom and Dad brought with them. We joined the multitudes in Central Park. The bright colors of earth and costume were a delight.

Left overs and Blanton’s on the rocks for dinner, then another game of Scrabble.

Lovely, lovely day. It has been a long while since just the three of us spent time together.

Page spread of Days 19 and 20

Page spread of Days 19 and 20


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