Day Nineteen

Pages 19&20Mom and Dad got here around 2 pm. We picked up our food for tomorrow. We got: garlic mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, wild rice, broccoli rabe, fruit salad, mixed greens and lentil salads, to go along with the ham and desserts I ordered. Plenty for lunch and dinner tomorrow and hopefully for dinner on Monday too. Dad picked up some micro brew beers he hadn’t seen before.

Mom has been sorting through Grandma Robert’s possessions deciding what to keep or pass on to family members and what to let go of. She gave me this silver medallion. Dad doesn’t recall Grandma ever wearing it, so they aren’t sure who it belonged to. I love it! Will get it cleaned and buy a chain for it. Mom also found some document that had Aunt Catherine and Uncle Ralph’s NYC address on it! Finally we know where the brownstone that Grandma stayed as a young girl is! We took the subway to see it. Current occupants were at the window so we didn’t linger. Did take a photo. So interesting that it is only twenty something blocks from here! Had dinner in a small Italian restaurant. Kept it light. Played a game of Scrabble of course!

Written on back of the medallion: Come Holy Ghost Enlighten Me


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