Day Fifteen

Day 15jpgJane called. She wanted to set a date to visit the Sketchbook Project Library. We decided on Saturday, April 26. We will meet in Grand Central. She has begun her journal for the project. I looked into it after she told me about it. I’m not going to participate. At least not this year. I really like the idea of it, but barely have time to work in this current journal. I’m not prolific enough to create something with the intention of giving it away. I’m looking forward to visiting the library and seeing the work of others. I’d love to experience checking out a book from their mobile library one day. That idea is so cool!

Jane will bring her sketchbook so I can see what she’s done so far. I’ll bring this one since by then it should be almost complete. Trying to keep up with this challenge is a good exercise in dedication. I usually work in my visual journals as I have time. (oops! Is this an explanation? I slipped!) This is requiring me to make time.


About Lily Roberts

Lily Roberts is the fictional author of the fake journal found on this blog.
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