Day Nine

Day 9Today we got word that our proposal for our study abroad program was approved for the Fall 2015 semester. Grant, Shelly and I are going to dinner tomorrow night to celebrate!

We’ve decided to dedicate the week of May 26th to planning for the new program. It is our goal to create a detailed outline of what we will cover and begin creating the syllabus. We will then divide up the assignments of what needs to be taken care of. After that we will meet once a month over the summer. By September we expect to have all we need in place. I will need to work on my classes for this program over the summer, so will not pick up an additional summer class. This will also enable me to spend a good amount of time at the summer cottage. I am hoping to do bird drawings while I am there this year. I want to use birds in the sample illuminated manuscript pages I plan to create for the program. Shelly will teach the class.

Mom called to say that Tom, Megan and Abbie will be spending Easter with Megan’s family this year. She and Dad would like to come here for the weekend. They haven’t been to St. John the Divine for Easter so thought this would be the year to go. They will take the train in. We will get an assortment of dishes from Westside Market. I should stop in and ask them if I need to place an order beforehand. Would be a good idea I think.

The pencil lines already on the page looked like a flower stem and leaf so used a stencil to add the flower design in the number. Colored with tinted charcoal since this was also already on the page.




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