Day Six

Pages 5&6-001Annual trip to Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in Broad Channel. Gorgeous day and so inspiring to see the amount of progress made and being made to the homes there. I don’t know if these homes belong to the owners who had them when Sandy hit or if those people sold and this is what new owners have been able to do with more resources. Sure hope it is the former!

Much classier than a Metrocard!

This took much longer than the suggested 15 minutes per journal page to complete!

It is always so good to spend time with Jane. We always say we need to get together more often than twice a year. At least we have been faithful to those dates.

Her gray is really prominent now and it looks good! And I don’t think it makes her look any older. She says it gives her more confidence somehow. Probably because she looks wiser!

Page Spread of Days 5 and 6

Page Spread of Days 5 and 6



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3 Responses to Day Six

  1. Michelle says:

    I like the way you design your pages.


  2. gpcox says:

    I was born on Broad Channel back in 1950, glad to see someone still goes to Jamaica Bay Refuge.


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