Day Four

Pages 3&4-001Third date with Dave. I made dinner. Found out we have similar childhood experiences. He grew up in a rural community in Vermont. He remembers many winter mornings collecting frozen eggs from the coop and putting them on the wood stove to thaw. (We put ours on a sunny window sill.) I told him about the year round Greenmarket, including the compost program and textile recycling. He commented that NYC is greener than his town. From what I’ve read about these programs, it is true for the vast majority of towns and cities across the country. It has become “the norm” here and I forget how forward thinking this is.

After dinner we took a short walk in the park. Dave pointed out circle patterns in patches of moss growing and spreading in shady areas as well as in lichens growing on rocks and boulders. Interesting how this page spread already had circles on it.

Page Spread of Days 3 and 4

Page Spread of Days 3 and 4



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