Day One

Day One

New Journal Goals

With this journal I hope to accomplish two goals:

1. explore iconography

2. use materials that I haven’t worked with either in a long time or at all before.

Since this is a new journal focusing on techniques, I will make notes of the materials used along with any new techniques I may decide to try. This way I can try them again in the future or remember that I didn’t get the results I may have been hoping for.

1st time working on a fake journal. Read about it a few days ago. Pick a different style than your normal journal and do that for a month. In addition, there is the theme of “no explanations.” This makes the challenge even greater (for me anyway).  So no explanations on how this journal is different. I know how it is different and who knows if anyone else is going to see it anyway. The challenge will be when I share it on my blog where there is an audience. I must thoroughly introduce my subject all the time and am so geared for that. This will be fun to just put it up and let the work speak for itself!


About Lily Roberts

Lily Roberts is the fictional author of the fake journal found on this blog.
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